Alterna Comics: Make Mine INDIE is Here

Alterna Comics Announces Make Mine INDIE By Nolan P. Smith Alterna Comics is bringing a digital catalog and magazine to spotlight indie comics with Make Mine INDIE! A free, quarterly digital publication, Make Mine Indie aims to unite print, digital, and web comics for comic shops and readers alike. Their goal? to highlight comic book creators and their works, regardless […]

Brains Meets Blades In New Webcomic Kittarou Witch Hunter

By Staff Reports It’s brains meets blades. Newcomer to the web comics scene, Blake Von Klausur recently put together a dream team to bring you Kittarou Witch Hunter, an ongoing online series where lightning ninja action meets supernatural Sherlock Holmes style mystery. Enter Kittarou: A disgraced rogue Witch Hunter who roams a perilous feudal Japanese countryside, solving supernatural mysteries, defeating […]

Let’s Kickstart This! Raised by Raptors

Mayans and dinosaurs…how could this not be good? So, in our efforts to showcase the awesome indie comics on Kickstarter, we came across this little gem: Raised by Raptors by Oliver Sykes and Ben Ashton-Bell. The artwork looks amazingly smooth, the story sounds great, this has no reason not to be funded. Check out the official synopsis below, which is […]