Mouse Guard: Art & Bricks Review: Bricktastic

Mouse Guard springs to life in brick form with new art book Review by Nolan P. Smith Who loves Mouse Guard? The critically acclaimed series by David Petersen from Boom! Studios/Archaia has been a favorite of mine since it first hit the scene. But what could make Mouse Guard even better? How about brick versions of the rodent heroes, villains […]

Pastrami Movie Review: The Lego Movie

Review by Nolan P. Smith (Victorville)—This time of the year is usually pretty slow in regards to films being released on the big screen. This three-month window, from January to March, is usually a bit sluggish, with no real blockbusters gracing the screen. Well, The Lego Movie has gone against that notion, and shows why it is truly a blockbuster. […]

Superman-Man of Steel Trailer…as Legos!

You will believe a Lego can fly. Check out an amazing recreation of the latest Man of Steel trailer, brought to Lego life by Antonio Toscano, Andrea Toscano and Francesco Patanè. It’s amazing what some people can do: remember, this is a fan made piece, even though it looks as professional as ever. [youtube]