From the Co-Writer of “MAD MAX: FURY ROAD” Comes “DREAM GANG”

Dark Horse Brings Dream Gang to Reality (By Staff Reports)– Dark Horse Comics announces the release of Brendan McCarthy’s psychedelic comics opus Dream Gang. Collecting the story originally published in Dark Horse Presents, Dream Gang represents veteran comics creator Brendan McCarthy at his finest. “Dream Gang is a story that takes place in dreams entirely,” says McCarthy. “It is the […]

Mad Max: Fury Road Review- Riding to the Top

Review by Nolan P. Smith Reboots can be boring, flat and muddled; I think we can all agree on that. Sometimes, there are films that don’t need a reboot, they don’t need to be brought to a whole new generation of viewers. I placed the Mad Max series in that category. Maybe its because the Mad Max franchise made its […]