Titanfall Gets Update #4!

By:MrAndMrsSmith Without a plethora of next gen shooters out there, Titanfall is still running very strong. Titanfall’s newest update (#4) is what I would consider to be the games biggest update so far. There are many issues and improvements that this update has addressed, but I would like to focus on the ones as gamers we truly care about. First […]

E3 2014 Titanfall Nvidia Game Expo!

By: MrAndMrsSmith Photos By: Dimsumhottie E3 is upon us once again! Today, Pastrami Nation was able to attend the E3 Titanfall Nvidia game expo that kicked off today, which was right across from E3! This event was aimed at showcasing one of the hottest games out right now, Titanfall. Also in attendance today was Turtle Beach, Nvidia, Respawn, Origin and […]

Titanfall app just released!

  So it looks like Respawn has just released a Titanfall app for the iPad, pc and MAC titled “The Last Hours of Titanfall” The app gives you the chance to get a behind the scenes look at the development of the game such as concept art, videos and much more! iPad Download: http://bit.ly/P6jlhm Origin Download (PC): http://bit.ly/1j3au9B Microsoft Download (Surface): http://bit.ly/QqqrOz Amazon […]