Heartwarming Adventure Game My Brother Rabbit Releases Sept 21st

By Staff Reports
My Brother Rabbit, the emotional and touching adventure game from Artifex Mundi, releases on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on Sept. 21.
After his younger sister is bedridden with a sudden illness, a boy uses the power of imagination to help take her mind off of her serious illness. Together they are transported to a beautiful surreal land of make-believe, in which their small stuffed rabbit comes to life with one goal: saving his dear friend, a sick flower.
On the rabbit’s journey, his cunning wits and sharp eye help him gather hidden objects he can use to solve puzzles and mini-games barring his path. As the rabbit gets closer to finding those that can help his friend flower, the children’s imaginative dreamscape starts to blend hand-drawn fantasy with the cold reality of the hospital.
Check out the trailer below!

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