Comic Book Review: White Savior #1

By Nolan P Smith  Editor Remember The Last Samurai? The Tom Cruise samurai epic showed the story of when a US Army Captain defects from his ranks and joins the side of the samurai in battle. Prepare for a satirical look at the story with White Savior from Dark Horse Comics.  Written by Eric Nguyen and Scott Burman with art […]

The Last of Us- Episode 1 Review

By Nolan P Smith  Editor The Last of Us is a two-game series from Naughty Dog Studios that has mesmerized fans from across the globe. Thanks to HBO, we see the property brought to the small screen for a limited series, which takes us on the road with Joel and Ellie into the apocalypse. Spoilers ahead!!! The debut episode starts […]

Advance Review: Hunt. Kill. Repeat #1 

By Nolan P. Smith Editor  I have slowed down on my comic book reviews as I have dived deeper into the action figure world, but when you have a revenge tale starring the family tree of the Greek pantheon, you get me back in. Get ready for mythological mayhem with Hunt.Kill.Repeat #1, coming soon from Mad Cave Studios.  From Mark […]

Action Figure Review: Action Force Duster

By Jason T. SmithCreative Editor Not too long ago, I had the chance to review the awesome Action Force Sgt. Slaughter figure from Valaverse, and it did not disappoint. Now I’m back checking out another great figure from their Action Force line, one of their original characters, Duster. Duster, aka Timothy F. Kennedy, is a special forces weapons sergeant loaded […]

Movie Review: A Christmas Story Christmas

By Nolan P SmithEditor I am not afraid to admit it: I was never the biggest fan of the original “A Christmas Story” film. Maybe it’s because it was rerun all December long during my childhood years. Or perhaps it’s because of the somewhat unlikable characters- it was hard to connect with any, to be honest. But when I would […]

Action Figure Review: Action Force Trigger

By Nolan P Smith  Editor The Valaverse action keeps coming with one of the most sought-after figures in Action Force wave 2. Of course. I’m talking about Trigger, the bearded, backward hat-wearing specialist. This is an outstanding figure, decked out and ready for battle.  Thanks again to Valaverse for the opportunity to check out this fantastic figure. Trigger gives me […]

Action Figure Review: Beastbox Lava

By Jason T. Smith Creative Editor While I’ve seen pictures of those fantastic little mecha animals that transform into boxes, hence their name being Beastbox, from toy geniuses 52Toys, I’ve never actually owned one until now. I recently had the opportunity to review the mechanical horse BB-43, known as Beastbox Lava. Lava comes in a beautifully designed window box that […]

Black Adam Review: Ride the Lightning

By Nolan P. SmithEditor It has been a long time coming: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been lobbying for a Black Adam movie for over a decade, with many rolling their eyes at such a notion. A film based on a Shazam villain that isn’t even that well known? Why would DC commit cinematic suicide like that? Well, some people […]

Movie Review: The Curse of Bridge Hollow 

By Rebecca Smith We all know an important Halloween aspect is things coming back to life, so with that in mind, I am back after a hiatus to write this review. What is so worthy, you ask? Netflix’s The Curse of Bridge Hollow. The family can enjoy this Netflix comedy (as long as your kiddos are 12+, with some parental […]

ToyCollectr #1 Review

By Nolan P Smith Editor Now, this might seem odd- a website doing a review of a magazine. Well, given that magazines are few and far between in the world of action figures, I definitely wanted to check out this new print magazine. I grew up in a world with Wizard and Toyfare magazines, with Tomart’s Action Figure Guide. Yes, […]

Comic Book Review: The Boogyman #1

By Nolan P SmithEditor Tis’ the season for monsters and more- October brings forth the horror and haunts in every form of media. From movies and TV shows to action figures and more, every aspect of pop culture gets into the spirit of Halloween. With ABLAZE’s The Boogyman, we see it expertly done in the comic book form, delivering a […]

Fisher-Price Ted Lasso Little People Review

By Kevin HoskinsonEntertainment Editor One of my earliest childhood memories was playing with toys. Being a child of the ’80s, playing with He-Man, G.I. Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was part of everyday life. Although those were the most formative years of my life, the other toys I remember playing with were before those, and they were manufactured by […]

The Resort Series Review

By Kevin Hoskinson Entertainment Editor Dealing with grief isn’t a new idea, but when presented to us it feels new again. I would propose that the reason for that is because everybody deals with it differently. Therefore, every time we see it, it’s something we haven’t experienced yet. It makes for good drama but can also bring about the most […]

Minor Threats #1 Review

By Nolan P SmithEditor The life of a supervillain isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Sure, there are the arch nemesis who strike fear in the hearts of our favorite protagonists. But then there are these guys: minor threats to a world filled with superheroes. That’s the gist of Minor Threats #1, a brand new look at supervillains […]

Bloodshot Unleashed #1 Review

By Nolan P Smith Editor Bloodshot has been one of Valiant Comics’ heavy hitters since the classic days of the company. The pale gunman has been on both sides of the law, the unkillable human weapon with nanotechnology in his blood. With Bloodshot Unleashed, we get a mature readers’ book that puts Bloodshot on a collision course with more man-made […]

The Last Comic Book On The Left Vol. 1 Review

By Kevin Hoskinson Entertainment Editor Since 2011, The Last Podcast On The Left has thrilled and surprised listeners with their unique takes on the paranormal, supernatural, true crime stories, and historical events. Hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski take on their subjects with unmatched sincerity and a sense of humor like no other. They have covered topics such […]