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Eagle Force – Operation: Monster Force Lt. Griffin “The Eraser” Review

Eagle Force – Operation: Monster Force Lt. Griffin “The Eraser” Review

By Nolan P. Smith


As a longtime enthusiast of Fresh Monkey Fiction’s Eagle Force, my journey began with its debut, which I eagerly supported. Witnessing the brand’s development over time has been a genuine thrill, culminating in their latest offering: Lt. Griffin, also known as “The Eraser.” This character isn’t just another addition to the lineup; he’s a pivotal game-changer—an invisible operative designed to make adversaries vanish without a trace.

The packaging of Lt. Griffin captures your attention right off the bat. Part of the all-new Operation: Monster Force series, it features exquisite artwork on a compact box. Upon opening, you’re treated to a window display that perfectly showcases the figure in all its meticulously crafted glory. What’s inside is just as impressive: The Eraser has two interchangeable heads—one wrapped in bandages, the other showing a semi-transparent face—and three pairs of hands. Accessories include a pistol, a rifle, and a sturdy base, adding layers of playability and display options.

What sets this figure apart is its stunning use of transparent materials that simulate invisibility, a unique and visually striking aspect that elevates it above standard figures. The attention to detail is remarkable, from the texture of his clothing to the intricacy of the bandages. Each element showcases the potential of 1/18th scale figures to rival larger collectibles in quality.

The real standout feature for collectors, however, is the figure’s articulation. With 14 points of smooth, well-thought-out movement, The Eraser offers an unparalleled level of poseability. For an action figure aficionado like myself, particularly those who grew up admiring the classic G.I. Joe series, the articulation here is nothing short of a dream.

For anyone hesitant about diving into Eagle Force and Fresh Monkey Fiction, consider this figure a resounding endorsement of what modern collectibles can achieve. As of 2024, I can confidently declare that Lt. Griffin “The Eraser” is the finest 4-inch figure I’ve encountered. Available exclusively at BigBadToyStore, I highly recommend securing your own before he, quite fittingly, disappears.

Rating: A perfect FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE.

This piece is not just an action figure; it’s a testament to the evolution and potential of the Eagle Force line under the expert guidance of Fresh Monkey Fiction. For collectors and enthusiasts alike, Lt. Griffin “The Eraser” is a must-have that promises to bring nostalgia and innovation to your collection.

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