About Us

Pastrami Nation is all about the meat of pop culture.

Comic books, video games, movies, music, collectibles, action figures, manga, anime, cosplay, conventions, and more.

Created by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith, Pastrami Nation has went on to cover numerous pop culture events in the United States, reviewed countless comic books, movies, video games, action figures, and more. From a beginning of two people to now having a number of reporters, reviewers, photographers, and more, Pastrami Nation continues to grow.

Nolan P. Smith is an experienced reporter and writer, having reported for a number of publications over the past decade. From print magazines to online news sources, Nolan has reported on everything from the effects on Alzeheimer’s Disease to the debut of Comic Con Revolution: Ontario. Pop culture has always been his beat of choice, being a lifelong fan of comic books and video games. Nolan currently writes for a number of publications to this day.

Jason T. Smith is an experienced photographer and artist. Having covered a number of conventions, Jason has also been a pit photographer for NHL games throughout the season. Inspired (or maybe traumatized) by the original animated film of The Transformers, Jason has a knack for creating art in the form of robots, dinosaurs, or dinosaur robots. His work has been featured at a variety of art shows and exhibits.

Have a comic book or product you would like us to review? Maybe a Kickstarter project to spotlight? Contact Nolan Smith at nolan@pastramination.com.