Nacelleverse #0 Review

Nacelleverse #0 Review

By Nolan P Smith

In the 80s, many action figure lines were directly tied to cartoons and comic books. It’s how we saw our figures come to life as kids- from Masters of the Universe, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more. The Nacelle Company, which has brought the world a few amazing nostalgia action figures lines with Robo Force, The Great Garloo, and Biker Mice from Mars, has partnered with one of the indie comic giants, Oni Press, and have created a new line of comics to spotlight some of the best pop culture nostalgia brands you can think of. From Sectaurs and Power Lords to Robo Force and Biker Mice from Mars, Nacelleverse #0 weaves these characters into one cohesive universe.

From writer Melissa Flores, with art by Rahmat Handoko, Rhoald Marcellius, Francis Portella and Diogenese Neves, with colors by Jao Canola and letters by Ghost Glyph’s Taylor Esposito, we get a fantastic adventure through the lens of our main protagonist, The Great Garloo. Garwood travels to various planets, encountering many characters from one planet to the next. A man without a home, Garloo quickly sees the universe’s good and bad sides. It was fantastic to see characters like Maxx and the Biker Mice back in the spotlight, as was the case with the slept-on Sectaurs, one of yesteryear’s coolest toy lines.

Flores crafts a story that playfully weaves these properties together, setting up for the individual miniseries launches for each line. I loved every bit of this book- it brought back the feel-good stories we used to find on the comic book racks at the gas stations. The artwork is superb across the board, but seeing modern-day artwork of the Sectaurs and their mounts was a special moment for me.

Oni and Nacelle have something special with this release. Another property even has a cameo, which I won’t spoil here. I am on board for this journey, for each series, as we dive deeper into what makes these characters unique. I spoke with Nacelle CEO Brian Volk Weiss about Nacelle’s growing nostalgia library, and you can see his passion for these characters. With Nacelleverse #0, you can see that passion realized as sequential art. Make sure to pick up this book when it hits the shelves in March. It’s the start of something extraordinary in the world of comic books and pop culture.

Rating: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE.

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