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Action Figure Review: Sectaurs – Dargon

Action Figure Review: Sectaurs – Dargon

By Nolan P Smith

The Nacelle Company burst onto the action figure scene with their amazing Robo Force figures. Now, they have resurrected another beloved franchise from the depths of toy store nostalgia: Sectaurs!

Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion was a fantastic action figure line, comic book series, and animated show that first emerged in 1985. The concept of blending humanoids with insects and arachnids led to outstanding character designs and action figures. I recall my brother owning some of the original Sectaurs figures and loving them. So, when I discovered that The Nacelle Company was reviving this line, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Today, I will be reviewing Dargon, the mightiest hero of the Shining Realm! Standing at an impressive 7 inches tall, Dargon boasts 13 points of articulation, equipped with the Shield of Skall, two venguns, the Sword of Skall, Slazor, and a battle holster designed to hold both venguns. Dargon exudes a strong nostalgic aura, from his awesome sculpt to his articulation, and I absolutely love it. All the weapons are in a lustrous gold hue and fit snugly into his hands. The sculpt captures the essence of the 1985 classic, and the vintage-style bubble packaging with stunning card art adds a delightful touch, evoking a throwback vibe.

Nevertheless, there are a few minor issues with the figure that I would like to address, although they do not overshadow its overall excellence. While additional interchangeable heads and hands would have been a welcome bonus, I believe that enhancing the articulation, particularly by adding a ball-jointed head capable of tilting up and down, would have elevated this figure to the next level.

These minor points aside, everything else about this figure is nothing short of fantastic! Nacelle has already delivered two outstanding Sectaur figures (stay tuned for my second review!), and I eagerly anticipate the possibility of seeing villains and mounts in future releases. Don’t miss the chance to add these figures to your collection; visit Nacelle online to make your purchase:

Rating: FOUR Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

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