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Action Figure Review: Battletoads Zitz

Action Figure Review: Battletoads Zitz

By Nolan P. Smith


Battletoads is one of my fondest memories when it comes to video games during my childhood. The classic beat’em up puts you in the shoes of one of three of the fantastic Battletoads. The games were excellent, and I have always included them in my list of top video game protagonists. Thanks to Premium DNA Toys, we get a whole line of Battletoads figures. Today, I am looking at the leader of the Battletoads, Zitz. 

Standing six inches tall, Zitz has 29 points of articulation and three interchangeable attachments- a drill arm, a spiked fist, and a massive plow. I have picked up a few Premium DNA figures, mainly Mad Balls, so I knew I would be getting a great figure- I didn’t expect it to be this fantastic. Let’s break down the standout factors of this figure. 


You can appreciate this figure’s massive amount of articulation and the thought put into its creation. Zitz is a monument to Battletoads lore- precisely the figure I hoped we would eventually get. The articulation works so well, from the ball-jointed head to the massive stompers this guy has for feet. You can see when the articulation is in mind with the sculpting, as the figure has a seamless feel. I can get so many dynamic poses with Zitz.


If you are a fan of Battletoads, you know the exaggerated super moves the toads would do. The attachments bring those moves to life, and they fit on nicely. I love the drill hand and the massive fist, but the plow stands out. This thing is enormous! There are also interchangeable heads and hands, which are fantastic, but the oversized attachments are the stars.


Zitz is a contender for the Figure of the Year, in my opinion. Zitz is a fantastic addition to any collection. The Battletoads line is off to a strong start; I can’t wait to check out the rest of the line soon! 

Rating: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE 

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