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Action Figure Review: Battletoads Rash

Action Figure Review: Battletoads Rash

By Jason T. Smith
Creative Editor

Back in the glorious 90s, when my world revolved around pixelated adventures and Super Nintendo ruled supreme, there was one game that reigned supreme in the hearts of many: Battletoads. Picture this – a sidescrolling frenzy where you, as a trio of radical toads, battled through a whirlwind of enemies to face off against the ultimate villainess, who just so happened to be a smokin’ hot evil queen. I mean, what teenage gamer wouldn’t be totally hyped for that?

Now, let’s talk action figures. As a self-proclaimed toy “nerd” (yeah, I wear that title with pride), I was always on the lookout for the real deal – none of those floppy, bendy things that passed for action figures back then. I wanted the kind of figures that could kick butt on my shelf as well as they did in the game. So you can imagine my excitement when Premium DNA dropped their Battletoads line.

Enter Rash – the dude with the shades and the attitude. But let me tell you, his coolness doesn’t stop there. This figure is packing some serious articulation, like the kind you’d expect from those high-end Japanese imports. I’m talking poseability for days, folks. And the accessories? Premium DNA didn’t hold back. You’ve got interchangeable hands galore, plus those epic oversized appendages straight out of the game. That giant spiked boot? Yeah, they nailed it. Although, fair warning, it’s a bit on the hefty side, so getting those game-accurate poses might take some finessing.

All in all, this Rash figure is the real deal. It’s like they plucked him straight out of the game and dropped him onto my shelf. And let me tell you, once I got a taste of that Battletoads goodness, there was no turning back. Premium DNA had me hooked, line, and sinker. Now, if only they’d bless us with a Dark Queen figure, my Battletoads collection would be complete. Here’s hoping they’re listening, because this gamer’s wallet is ready and waiting.

Rating. 4.5 Pastrami Nations out of FIVE.

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