Red Sands – Episode 3: “Aftermath” Review

Red Sands – Episode 3: “Aftermath” Review

By Nolan P. Smith

We are diving back into the seedy world of Red Sands with the third episode, “Aftermath.” As the penultimate episode, it picks up right after the bloodbath climax of the previous episode. Created by Michael Barrett and Joshua Ampuero, the series follows an ex-military soldier and his brother as they take on a cartel in the High Desert.

After the intense bloodshed last episode, Hunter (TJ Wimbs) races to try to save Sheena (Jocelyn Pronovost), the sister of Myra, who met her tragic demise in the last episode. Meanwhile, Rodrigo (Carlos E. Campos) begins to rally his troops to bring this conflict to an end, as Eddie (Michael Barrett) struggles to maintain his sanity with his world crumbling around him.

This episode features the best cinematography of the series so far. The shots and scenes captured are awe-inspiring. While the last episode was action-packed, this one focuses heavily on character development. We see Hunter open up to Sheena, who evolves into more than just Myra’s sister, and Eddie reveals the toll that all this madness can take on a man. Barrett and Wimbs continue to shine as our duo up against the odds, while Campos pulls off the role of Rodrigo perfectly, making him more and more the character you love to hate.

The music, cinematography, and acting have leveled up in this episode as we head toward a head-on collision in the finale. Will we witness an even bigger bloodbath than episode 2? Will the brothers live to see another day? I can’t wait to find out. Watch Red Sands on Prime Video and Tubi.

Rating: 4.5 Pastrami Nations out of FIVE.

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