Red Sands Episode 1 Review: A Gritty Start

Red Sands Episode 1 Review: A Gritty Start

By Nolan P. Smith


Nestled within the dangerous terrains of California’s High Deserts—a place I call home—is the setting for “Red Sands,” a thrilling four-episode miniseries that catapults blood, bullets, and bodies onto the small screen.

Michael Barrett and Joshua Ampuero direct the series, which features a robust cast including TJ Wimbs, Michael Barrett, and Carlos E. Campos; the series starts with a high-octane start. In the first episode, we meet Eddie (played by Barrett), who visits his brother Hunter (Wimbs), a retired Air Force serviceman, during a dire situation. Eddie’s financial entanglements with some dangerous characters lead them to his doorstep, sparking a fierce shootout. The action is visceral, with bullets flying and blood painting the desert red as Hunter and Eddie fend off their relentless attackers.

“Red Sands” marks an exciting debut with its straightforward script that balances likable protagonists against detestable antagonists. It crafts a narrative that’s part John Wick, part Person of Interest, and all infused with the rugged charm of the High Desert. The show promises to be a raw and engaging journey into a world where danger lurks at every turn.

Available on Tubi and Amazon Prime Video, this independent series is definitely worth your time. I eagerly await the unfolding of the next three episodes.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Pastrami Nations.

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