She’s on Fire! Dark Phoenix Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

By Staff Reports Inspired by one of the most classic and beloved X-Men story arcs-Sideshow is proud to present the Dark Phoenix Premium Format Figure from the Dark Phoenix Saga. Fitted in her magnificent classic red and gold costume. Her hair floating gracefully framing her face in a moment of both calm and fury. Standing…Read moreRead more

New Trailer and Posters for The Wolverine

Snikt! Here comes a brand new trailer for Marvel’s The Wolverine, hitting theaters this July! Also, check out some of the new wood cut style posters, this time featuring Yukio and Viper. This movie keeps looking better and better, here’s to hoping for a blockbuster! [youtube]

Jean Grey Returning to the Marvel Universe

The Phoenix is rising again. News broke today that Jean Grey, one of the founding members of the X-Men, will be reportedly coming back to comics. Grey, who has died her fair share in comics, was last seen in the mid 2000’s. The news came from Entertainment Weekly, who didn’t disclose all, but gave this…Read moreRead more