A Primal Killer is Humanity's Last Hope in Image Comic's Dark Engine

By Staff Reports In desperation, alchemists on a cracked and ruined Earth—where dead men’s ashes rain down and a plague of spore-beasts terrorize the living—create Sym. She is their last hope, their Savior. The mysterious figure at the heart of the Image Comics graphic novel DARK ENGINE by Ryan Burton and John Bivens is a…Read moreRead more

Dark Engine- J.H. Williams III Says: "Buy it, Read it."

By Staff Reports Ryan Burton and John Bivens, debut creators who caught the eye of comics veteran J.H. Williams III (Sandman, Promethea, Batwoman) early on, bring to fruition an all-new ongoing series that blends elements of dark fantasy and action with mystery in DARK ENGINE. The project first came to Image Comics’ publisher, Eric Stephenson,…Read moreRead more