American Gods Volume 1: Shadows Review

By Nolan P. Smith American Gods is one of the most celebrated books in recent memory. With a hit TV series on Starz, Dark Horse made every fan’s dream come true when they announced they would be adapting the book into a comic book series. With volume 1, we get the entire first mini-series, which…Read moreRead more

Marvel Now-The Future is Smash with Walt Simonson on the Indestructible Hulk!

Hulk will smash in all his glory this April. The comic book legend Walt Simonson will provide his glorious visuals to the Indestructible Hulk this April. Check out the info from Marvel below: The Future of Marvel NOW! Is SMASH. Mark Waid. Walter Simonson. April 2013 Now, I love the Indestructible Hulk thus far, but…Read moreRead more