Time to Kickstart Ichido!


It’s like a mech filled Kurosawa flick.

Yes, that sounds awesome, I know.

In my journeys on Kickstarter, I always aim to highlight the best and brightest, projects that I would back myself. Well, one of those projects is Ichido.

Created by Tomas Overbai, Ichido is explained as:

ICHIDO is a new comic book series inspired by Akira Kurosawa, science fiction, post-apocalyptic fantasy and kung-fu movies.

It only gets better from there. When you check out the Kickstarter page, it shows some of the amazing artwork on designs for this book, and wow, are they crazy! So polished, so professional, this is the kind of project I like to call a no brainer: why wouldn’t you back this?

Head over to the Ichido Kickstarter page (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/604600967/ichido-book-one?ref=live) and check it out for yourself. This is an amazing project, and for $10, you can an actual, physical comic book! Check it out!

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