Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1 Review- The Doctor is In

Publisher: Titan Comics
Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Christopher Jones
From Titan Comics comes a very welcome blast from the past. Doctor Who #1 brings Whovians back to the days of John Pertwee’s 3rd Doctor with his trusty companion Jo Grant and all of time and space to explore.
After earning his TARDIS privileges back from the Time Lords, The Doctor is on Earth and working with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT to thwart a new mechanical (non-Cybermen) invasion. With an appearance from a disguised Master (the Roger Delgado incarnation) to raise the danger level even higher, The Doctor is in for a bigger challenge than he can imagine. Throw in a surprise guest at the end and this comic will have fans counting the days until the next release.
This comic release comes at a great time for fans of the renegade Time Lord. The BBC series is on a very long and unconventional hiatus. Taking an entire year between seasons, Doctor Who has alienated some fans and frustrated the rest.
Enter Titan Comics. Filling the Time Lord void in the hearts of Whovians everywhere with original stories for every incarnation of The Doctor. Paul Cornell’s tale of invasion and intrigue keeps readers turning the pages and wanting more. Christopher Jones’ pencils bring the Third Doctor and his supporting cast to life with spot-on clarity with a fun look that matches the tone of the story.
Combine all of the above with the fact that Titan has chosen one of the most beloved Doctors in history to feature along with his companion and UNIT, and you have a winning formula for a great story and a way for Whovians to get their Doctor fix in the long months between episodes.
Rating: 10 out of 10. A must-have for any fan of Doctor Who or comics!