Action Figure Review: Ice Sword from Joytoy

Action Figure Review: Ice Sword from Joytoy

By Nolan P. Smith

Joytoy has been killing it consistently when it comes to new figures. I will be checking out the latest figure, Ice Sword- 1st Steel Legion. The figure utilizes parts and accessories from previous releases and brings them together to make a great armor-clad warrior.

Ice Sword has the look and feel of an intergalactic Spartan warrior, complete with the helmet and symbol on his shield. We received previous figures with the same motif, but it stands out above the pack due to the paint on this one. The white and crimson armor pop on the intricate, detailed armor. The figure has an unmasked head with a helmet that fits over the head rather than an interchangeable head. He comes with the shield mentioned above, a nice sword, three guns, and four interchangeable hands.

The articulation is top-notch as always, and the larger armor base doesn’t seem to hinder much of the articulation. The joints are smooth and sturdy, and the hands are pliable, making it easy to change out weapons and such. The Ice Sword color variation of this armor works so well- the gunmetal gray one is great as well, but the color choices here make it the clear winner. I always say, these are the next level G.I. Joe’s fans have wanted for years- the perfect 3 3/4 inch scale line of figures. Ice Sword is a must-have; in my opinion, make sure to pick up yours today.

Rating: Five Pastrami Nations out of Five.

Pastrami Nations five

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