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Action Figure Review: Popeye Classics Popeye Figure

Action Figure Review: Popeye Classics Popeye Figure

By Nolan P Smith 


I love classic cartoons: from Transformers and G.I. Joe to Scooby-Doo and Super Friends. But of course, Popeye the Sailor Man is near the top of that list. We don’t get many Popeye action figures these days- Mezco released a few killer One: 12 Collective figures, but that has been it. Now, thanks to Boss Fight Studio, we get a whole line of Popeye Classics, so let’s take a look at the Man himself first: here’s Popeye!!!

Boss Fight is mainly known for their 3 3/4 scale figures, but they have also cranked out some fantastic animated figures, like Sam & Max and The Little Prince. These Popeye Classics figures come in a well-designed window box and are ready for action. These 1/12 scale figures feature many articulation points, character-specific accessories, and more. Popeye himself is a fantastic figure! I love how the figure is sculpted and how the joints, like the elbow joint, are unique to Popeye himself. I wish there were a few more points of articulation, but it does have a good amount of range. The sculpt is solid, and the paint apps are spot on for the most part- some paint mistakes were on my figure, but nothing huge. The scale puts Popeye a bit shorter than his other action figure counterparts (shown are the Daisen Model and Mezco One:12 Collective figures.  

This figure is ready for posing with his trademark spinach can, alternate heads, and alternate hands. But the cherry on top is the removable hat, which is magnetic! What a terrific addition to this already fantastic figure. I love this Popeye figure- it is a great addition to any Popeye collection. I can’t wait to review the rest now!!!! Be sure to scoop yours up!

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