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Action Figure Review: Super7 Ultimates Transformers Series 2

Action Figure Review: Super7 Ultimates Transformers Series 2

By Jason T. Smith
Creative Editor

Being a kid in the 1980s was pretty awesome. We had the best cartoons and the toys to go along with them, and for me, along with most little boys my age, Transformers was at the top of the list. Those cool-looking robots that could transform into cars and such were all I could think about. I didn’t have a lot, but I cherished the ones I did have, and as I got older, I maintained my love of Autobots and Decepticons even though their newer incarnations never really lived up to 80’s G1 classics. One of those classics, mainly, was the Action Masters, which were basically non-transforming, cartoon-accurate action figures of the Transformers.

That brings me to here and now with the Transformers Ultimates line from Super 7, which features non-transforming, cartoon-accurate versions with updated articulation and accessories. And thanks to the nice folks at Super 7, I’ve been allowed to review the entire Series 2 wave!

Transformers Ultimates Series 2 features a broad spectrum of G1 characters, including Megatron, Grimlock, Bludgeon, and Tracks. I’ve ranked these guys from 1 to 4, with one being my favorite and 4 being my least favorite.

  • #4-Bludgeon– That wicked skull-faced samurai pretender from the 80s gets an awesome action figure complete with interchangeable helmets and loads of accessories from a severed head to that top part of a tank shield, just like the 80s toy had. He has a great sculpt and articulation, but my only gripe with this guy is that when you try to pose his arms in specific ways, his shoulder pads cause the helmet to pop off. I would have loved to have seen a head with a permanently attached helmet on such a great figure.
  • #3-Megatron-The evil leader of the Decepticons, this guy has it all: laser maces, Kremzeek, that gun he killed Optimus Prime with; he even has a hand attached to an Energon cube and an opening chest plate to drink it and relive that season one episode. But if you want to relive that moment in the movie where he shoots Prime your a bit out of luck as his hip skirt hinders his leg poseability. You can’t quite get him to kneel and shoot due to this. I would have liked better articulation in that area; otherwise, it’s a great figure.
  • #2-Tracks- Tracks is that smooth-talking Autobot that turns into a Corvette. More importantly, he’s always been that cool robot with a white head and red face. This version doesn’t disappoint. They have great sculpt and cool accessories, including Autobot Blaster in boombox mode; this guy was a must. His articulation is also decent, with the only hindrance being that hip skirt. You need this guy on your shelf if you’re a Transformers fan, but you need my #1.
  • #1-Grimlock- Grimlock in dinosaur mode; what more can I say? This guy is massive and has superb articulation, moving every way you’d want a robot T Rex to move. Loaded with tons of accessories, everything from the brain box from the episode “Grimlocks New Brain” to a fish, I can’t seem to put this guy down for that episode. My only gripe with this one is the fact that Super 7 hasn’t given us a G2 Blue version, so my life can be complete. Transformers Ultimates Series 2 is a great ride down the nostalgia train, which Super 7 is known for giving us. They know what they’re doing in re-sparking childhood memories. They got me with some of the TMNT and Thundercats stuff they put out, and they definitely got me with these guys.

I look forward to Wave 3, mainly Alligaticon, something not seen as it appeared in only one episode. And if they ever give me a Blue Grimlock, cause seriously, I NEED a Blue Grimlock. Please, please, pretty please.


Grimlock: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

Tracks: FOUR Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

Megatron: FOUR Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

Bludgeon: 3.5 Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

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