Dept. H #1 Review

Dept. H #1 Review


Dept. H #1 Brings Deep Sea Mystery by the Gallons

By Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)— Matt Kindt has quickly become one of my favorite writers and artists in the comic business. His unique, gripping Mind MGMT was unlike anything I had read or seen before, and his writing over at Valiant (Ninjak, The Valiant) really drew me in. So when I was given an advanced opportunity to review his latest work, Dept. H from Dark Horse, I jumped at the chance.

Written and drawn by Kindt with coloring by his wife, Sharlene Kindt, Dept. H #1 introduces us to a world of deep-sea mystery and intrigue. Our protagonist, Mia, is heading down to an underwater government base, Dept. H, which is a part of USEAR (Underwater Science Exploration and Research). It’s not a pleasure trip, as her father, Dr. Hari Hardy, the man who created Dept. H, is dead. Not just dead- he has been murdered. In a base with only a handful of people a billion gallons of water below the surface- it is an inside job. One of his department has gone rogue- but who? And why?

That’s what Mia is hoping to find out. We get the sense of urgency here, and with that, an impending disaster. From the first page, where Mia notes that it isn’t the descent to Dept. H that frightens her, it’s the idea that she might not make it back to the surface. This is a scary ordeal

Kindt’s unique artistic style brings this underwater mystery to life. I love his style, and for this kick off issue, it really brings the reader below the seven seas. His style is not traditional in any sense, and I will admit, it took a few of his past books for me to appreciate his art of storytelling, but I have grown to love his simple, yet emotional style. Sharlene’s water colors add new dimensions to this work- her blue hues differentiate between flashbacks and the present day masterfully.

Dept. H #1 sets up an unnerving, underwater drama sure to keep the reader on the edge of their seats. I, for one, cannot wait for the next issue. The Kindt’s have created something really special here- I recommend picking up this issue: there is no way you will be disappointed. Dept. H #1 will be released on April 20th.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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