Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review: Does Whatever a Spider Can


Review by Nolan P. Smith

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Publisher: Marvel Comics

(Victor Valley)—He’s the everyman hero- working a day job and swinging in to save the day on a budget- he’s everyone’s favorite insect themed hero, he is Spider-Man. The world of Peter Parker has been turned upside down as of late, with multiple versions of himself all coming together to stop a powerful threat. But the dust has settled and we have a new status quo for the Amazing Spider-Man- and it’s fantastic.

Writer Dan Slott has become THE Spider-Man writer in the last few years- he has taken Parker back to his scientific roots, and surrounded him with a new cast of characters. The biggest change here is that Parker is now in charge of his own company- Parker Industries, and now has a global reach due to his resources. The working man’s hero is now only a few rungs down from Tony Stark when it comes technology and innovation, and we see just what that looks like here. With costume upgrades, a familiar face portraying a back up Spider-Man, and how Peter juggles his new found responsibility with running a massive organization and still being the web-slinger we have come to love.

Giuseppe Camuncoli provides the artwork and does a wonderful job on this perfect jumping on point. This issue looks and reads like an ideal issue of a Spider-Man book- the costume looks a bit different from what we are used to, but nothing to get in an uproar about. The battle between Spider-Man and fellow hero Mockingbird as they take on members of the villainous Zodiac had the kinetic energy leaping off of the page. The books sets the stage for a new chapter in the life of Peter Parker, one that, as a life long fan of the web head, I am glad to be on board for.

Rating: 5 out of 5- A perfect start to the next chapter of Spider-Man’s life, with some plots that beg to be answered. My favorite of the Marvel relaunches so far.

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