An Agent 88 Message from Tyler Mane + The Art of Agent 88 by Heavy Metal!


Time keeps on ticking…ticking…ticking…into the future…

Five days.

Five days and the Kickstarter project known as Agent 88 comes to an end. So, we have heard from Digger, the mastermind behind the project. We heard from Kay D’arcy, the actress and martial artists behind Agent 88. Who’s next?

How about actor/former pro wrestler Tyler Mane?


I’m a fan of Mane’s: I remember his tag team with Vinnie Vegas, who later became Diesel/Kevin Nash. Mane was also Sabretooth in the first X-Men film, and was the hulking Michael Myers in the new versions of Halloween I and II. So listen to the man, cause he could probably punch a hole through your head… I wouldn’t mess with him!

ALSO, check out the art of Agent 88, presented by Heavy Metal and featuring a plethora of artists! Here’s a sneak peak:


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