The Assignment Collection Review: Revenge Reassigned

The Assignment Collection Review: Revenge Reassigned

The Assignment TPBTitan Comics Brings a New Twist to the Anti-Hero with The Assignment

By Amie Macias

(Contains Spoilers!)

The Assignment is a disturbing whirlwind of a tale is built on revenge plot on top of revenge plot. A story such as this one, is not made for everyone, mind you, but if you can stomach your way through the first issue – you’re hooked.

I’m not one for revenge stories, I’m a firm believer in the fact that no one wins in a head butt. However, after reading issue #1, with its twist even M. Night Shyamalan could have predicted, I needed more, (and although I didn’t want to), I HAD to finish it. I had to get to the end, to see what happens to the main character, Frank Kitchen. I needed closure.

Adapted by Matz, this story’s original story/screenplay (Tomboy) could only come from the mind of Walter Hill, (The Warriors) and Denis Hamill, (Turk 182). The artwork by Jef is truly phenomenal and realistic, with just enough gratuitous blood and nudity. By the last issue, I was cheering for would be bad guy turned vigilante girl to survive and get retaliation!

The trade paperback of The Assignment collects the mini series, and I must say, this page turner was worth checking out!

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.