Axe Cop Animated Halloween Clip + Axe Cop Voiced by Nick Offerman!!!



I knew an Axe Cop animated would be coming soon from Fox, but I didn’t expect to see anything this soon! Check out a Halloween clip below, which features Nick (Parks and Recreation) Offerman as the mustached Axe Cop!!!

Axe Cop is the Dark Horse comic book by 29 year old artist (when it was created he was 29) Ethan Nicolle and his brother Malachai Nicolle, who was 5 years old when it was created. The series is a burst of imagination, as Ethan works with his younger brother and transcribes the story as his brother makes it up. This is going to be a great animated series, and a perfect fit for Fox. Be on the look out for Axe Cop in 2013!


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