Backways #1 Review: Through the Rabbit Hole

Backways #1 Review: Through the Rabbit Hole

By Nolan P. Smith

The world of magic and the unknown has been a huge topic for pop culture as of late. From Harry Potter to Doctor Strange and the Chronicles of Narnia, there are so many excellent tales that explore the world of magic. We might be adding Backways to that list soon.

From AfterShock Comics comes a book about a hidden world full of magic, wonderment, and terror. From writer Justin Jordan (Luther Strode) and artist Eleonora Carlini (Doctor Who), we get in on the ground floor of a series that can absolutely take off.

We start off with a young lady going missing under very unusual circumstances. Some dark, some evil, lured this young woman away, but where? And why? Her friend Anna is diving deep into a world she doesn’t understand to bring her back, but is coming back even an option? We see the Backways, a world on the side of our existence, filled with magic, demons, monsters, and hopefully, who Anna is looking for.

Jordan creates an excellent first issue, one that felt way too short, which is always the sign of a great story as you keep wanting more. We meet Anna, and see how her world is, and how it is turned upside down. Carlini’s artwork is so well done, and the character designs are fantastic. The book reminds me of Image Comics Wayward, which is an excellent comparison. I feel like this book is something AfterShock hasn’t ventured into as of yet and is a perfect addition to their ever-growing library. I highly recommend Backways, as it’s poised to be a premiere comic book in the realm of magic.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10