Batman and DC Unlimited Wave 2! Wonder Woman! Dark Knight Returns Batman!


Now I am impressed!

After the reveals of the press photos for Mattel’s DC and Batman Unlimited first waves, we are already hit with some photos of the second! The second waves for both lines are set to drop in early 2013, and revealed so far are:

Batman Unlimited Series 2

– Dark Knight Batman (pictured above)
– Planet X Batman with Batmite


DC Unlimited Series 2
– Injustice Batman

– Wonder Woman (New 52)


Now, I am very excited for these reveals! Look at that The Dark Knight Returns Batman, he’s huge! New 52 Wonder Woman helps in putting together the new Justice League, the Planet X Batman is a welcomed surprise, and the Batman from the upcoming Injustice video game is great!!! I was a little worried about the DC Universe Classics line, but so far it’s looking pretty good!

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