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Batman Gotham Knight Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles- Now Up for Pre-Order


By Nolan P. Smith

“I am the night – I am Batman!”

Sixth scale figure fans rejoice, he’s here. Who? The Bat-Man! Sideshow Collectibles announced the pre-order release for their Batman ‘Gotham Knight’ Sixth Scale figure, which can be found at:

The pre-order, which started yesterday, let’s you reserve the figure with a payment plan as little as $50 a month. Wait, I know what you are thinking… $50 a month, how much is it? Well, retail for this figure is $199.99. That might seem a little outrageous if you aren’t into the world of Sixth Scale collecting, but that’s really the going price for a high end Sideshow product. The figure includes:

■ The Dark Knight returns in his iconic black costume
■ Crafted with meticulous attention to detail on a fully articulated muscular body
■ Includes short and long-eared mask options, and three interchangeable facial
■ Equipped with a variety of hi-tech ‘Bat’-prefixed gadgets, utility belt and grapple
hook gun

So check it out, and own one of the definitive Batman collectibles to be released. I mean, look at him, old Bats even has a Kryptonite ring for a certain Man of Steel.

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