Battle Beasts Minimates Series 1 Hit This Fall


Another classic is reborn.

I don’t know how many of you remember the original Battle Beasts, but they were pure awesomeness. The tiny animals with armor and those cooler than ice rub symbols made them one of my favorite toy lines growing up. Well, Battle Beasts are back, and in Minimate form!

Diamond Select/Art Asylum bring the world the first series of Battle Beasts Minimates this fall, and what a selection it offers! Based off of IDW comic book, Battle Beasts follows the adventures of Vorin the Ram and his animal warriors as they defend Earth from insect and evil threats. Series 1 features Vorin the Ram and the Scorpion, Merk the Falcon and the Tarantula, Gruntos the Walrus and Tate Reynolds, and The Snake and Bliss Reynolds. Check out the pictures below from the Art Asylum blog below, and check out the full announcement from Art Asylum HERE.

Vorin and The Scorpion

ImageMerk and the Tarantula

ImageGruntos and Tate Reynolds

ImageThe Snake and Bliss Reynolds


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