Berserk The Golden Age Arc 1 English Dub Trailer!


The rebirth of a classic.

Viz Media released the first English dub trailer for Berserk: The Golden Age Arc 1, and it looks and sounds amazing! Based on the ultra violent mangas by Kentarou Miura, Berserk follows the warrior Guts and Griffen into a battle at each others sides and at each others throats. I loved the original anime, and since seen the footage at SDCC this year I have been waiting this series!

The first in the new Berserk series hits Viz’s Neon Alley this fall, with a Blu-Ray and DVD release in November.


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      This looks awesome! Love the original anime and the original voice actors, so it’s good to hear that Griffith is voiced by the same actor, I’m not too sure about Caska though, and Guts didn’t say enough for me to get an idea of his voice but it doesn’t sound like the same guy.
      I known it’s probably a good idea to ‘re-vamp’ the entire series, but the voice actors they did have were just perfect and I hope they have the same guy for Guts aswell.

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