Bethesda's Dishonored to be Around 12-14 Hours, Can Complete Without a Kill?


Details are surfacing for one of the fall’s biggest titles in the wake of the E3 Expo.

From Bethesda’s official blog,, the word has come down on how long the much anticipated Dishonored will actually be. Here is directly from their Q & A:

Play-style matters a lot. Very direct players will probably get through the game in 12 or 14 hours. Explorers who eavesdrop a lot will take twice as long.

That’s a pretty good size single player game when you think of it. Sure, it is no Skyrim, but is has never tried to be that huge, engrossing world. Word from E3 also stated that players can finish the game without ever killing anyone…no joke, here is the word from the directors of the game at E3:

“It’s part action-game, part stealth-game, you can either sneak your way through the game or murder everyone,” he said. “It’s possible to play through the entire game without killing anyone,” Colontonio added: “It’s hard, but it’s possible”.

Now that sounds like a challenge. Dishonored will hit stores this fall, take a look at some game play from E3 below.


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