Blast Zone! Tournament Review

Blast Zone! Tournament Review

By Wudood Omran

Don’t you hate when you’re downloading a new game or update, and you have to wait? You end up putting on Netflix or playing a game on your phone when you just want to keep that controller in your hand. Well, we have the solution for you, “Blast Zone! Tournament”. A new game that’s simply put… a blast.

“Blast Zone! Tournament” balances the duality of a game that takes strategy while still being fast-paced and loads of fun. There are three primary game modes; Single Player, Find Match, and Exhibition. All game modes have the same basic concept, run around the game squares placing bombs to eliminate enemies. There are power-ups you can collect to increase your speed, blast radius, and the number of bombs you have. Single Player offers a stage based story mode of sorts. The plot is that you are on a game show and each stage is a new episode, and each episode presents a new challenge or objective. And this is where your particular strategy really comes in handy. While the Find Match mode is an online battle royale where strategy is thrown out the window as bombs fly and you try to be kill leader. And last but surely not least is my favorite game mode, Exhibition. This mode gives the power to the players letting you adjust the game in a multitude of ways. You can choose the number of players, teams, and tiles on the map. While also being able to control the theme of the tiles, the number of power-ups you start with, and also what unique objective you’d like per match.

This is without a doubt a game I will play whenever I’m not looking to dive into a deep story mode, or if I’m just looking for a quick couple matches while I wait for a download or friend. But I would not limit this recommendation for adults looking for quick fun. I think this is an excellent game for kids of all ages. The concept is simple enough to grasp quickly without getting bored but still presents wholesome fun to occupy them for hours. Not to mention the strategy based game, while also being fast-paced, offers fun that can still relate in more cognitive thinking. Overall I was impressed and found myself playing round after round. I highly recommend this.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10

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