Chopping Block Review: Archer & Armstrong #2


Review by Nolan P. Smith- Pastrami Nation

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Artist: Clayton Henry

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment


So, back-to-back Chopping Block reviews? Well, with issue #2 hitting stores this week, I wanted to make sure everyone knows if the quality seen in issue #2 continues on with the second issue. The sophomore slump is something seen in music, and definitely in comics. That all-important second issue is what tells a reader if they want to stick around or take the first issue as a loss and drop the title. So, does Archer & Armstrong have a strong second outing?

Story: Well, I hope you read the first issue, because I am going to drop some spoilers! In the first issue, we see Armstrong taken captive by the sect, and Archer finding out that his parents aren’t the holy patrons he thought they were. So this issue packs a wallop, as we see Archer face reality and more, and we see Armstrong cut loose and show what an immortal strongman can do to men with guns. This second issue runs wild, changing the status quo and showing how to make a spectacular second issue.

Art: Clayton Henry once again shines as his visuals help embody what Archer and Armstrong are. From New York to Rome, the worlds and the unique people in them all stand out, and all add to the mythology of Archer and Armstrong. The sheer magnitude of Armstrong, the deadly essence to Archer, Henry brings them all to life perfectly.

Overall: Sophomore slump? What slump? Valiant’s runaway hit keeps getting better, as the story picks up the pace, revelations are made, and readers will all be waiting for issue three as soon as they finish this issue. I have had to cut back on books lately, as too many books are hitting the shelves for me to keep up with. Archer & Armstrong are now on the list with X-Factor, Invincible, Hawkeye and more as books that I NEED to get each and every month.  Highly Recommended, I give Archer and Armstrong #2 a perfect ***** out of 5.

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