Chopping Block Review: Batman #0 (2012)


Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Greg Capullo

Publisher: DC Comics


Out of the big seven in regards to the New 52 relaunch, Batman stayed the most familiar. Sure, his costume changed a tad bit, but it was Bruce Wayne under the mask once again with his son Damien as Robin. The Batman title has been on fire as of late, due to writer Scott Snyder’s acclaimed “Court of Owls” storyline that has shaken the Bat books to their core. With this special #0 issue, we see the early days of Bruce in Gotham, and what it means to his origin.

This book shows us Bruce Wayne as he has just returned to Gotham after his journeys and training across the globe. It involves a gang sporting the visage of a certain Bat villain, and how an experienced Wayne handled the situation before he officially becomes the Batman. I love this inside look at how things can go wrong for the man who is known for planning ten steps ahead of any situation. In a back story, we also see the bat wards of the world, namely Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Jason Todd, and where they were the day the Bat-Signal went live. Each ones life is so drastically different, it’s exactly the type of story you want from a zero issue.

Snyder is an amazing author, and it was his “Gates of Gotham” miniseries, as well as his eerie “Severed” series with Image Comics. Yet a big draw to this book has to be Greg Capullo, a legend when it comes to the world of comics. Capullo’s work on Spawn made him into a star, and his talents have made this book that much better. DC Comics is firing on all cylinders with their zero issues, at least with the ones I have picked up as of late. Highly recommended, I give Batman #0 a @@@@ out of FIVE.

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