Chopping Block Review: Colder #1


Review by Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation

Writer: Paul Tobin

Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics


Don’t let the cover scare you away: Colder, at least this first issue, isn’t a spill your guts, blood to the gills book, but it is definitely a horror book. The latest in a strong of original horror books from Dark Horse, Colder paints an eerie picture and an excellent set up. So, what exactly is Colder?

The book’s title is referring to Declan, a somewhat comatose patient who’s skin and body temperature continues to drop to everyone’s surprise. But the character that steals this issue is Nimble Jack, a somewhat of a mystery that has lived for what appears to be quite some time. Jack is seen in the 50’s, as an asylum goes up in flames. One of the patients there is none other than Declan, who we see again in the present day, cold and non responsive. Nimble Jack is there too, still young and mystifying as ever.

The first issue simply sets the stage for what’s to come, and I don’t want to blow that for you. I will say that it delivered on all fronts, giving a solid start for what appears to be a promising series. The artwork was clean, stark and visually stunning, and the characters and plot are strong and layered, just the way I like them. Highly recommended, I give Colder #1 a solid @@@@ out of FIVE.

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