Chopping Block Review: Harbinger #6


Review by Nolan P. Smith- Pastrami Nation

Writer: Joshua Dysart

Artist: Phil Briones

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment


In the last issue, we saw Peter Stanchek, the young psionic harbinger, escape from Harbinger Foundation and its leader, the immensely powerful Toyo Harada. This issue, we see some of the fallout from that, as well as what is to come for the next arc, and trust me, it’s sounding just as good, if not better, than the first arc.

The book focuses on Kris, Peter’s childhood friend that he wronged early in the series. Making her fall in love with him by use of his powers is one of Pete’s major mistakes, and its one that is front and center here. We see more of Kris and what her life is like since her encounter with Peter, and how she will tie in to the “Rise of the Renegades” storyline.
The focus this issue also sits with Zephyr, the big girl superhero who’s powers were activated by Peter during his time at the foundation.

We see some great character development in this issue, as Zephyr and Kris become much more than just names and cardboard cutouts. Joshua Dysart continues to create a dangerous and intriguing world, where powers equal a lot more than just great responsibilities. Briones brings a solid entry into the Harbinger world, setting the stage for an all out war of the minds. Harbinger has been one of my favorites since the relaunch, as it touches much more on the humanity of the characters than simply the god like powers they possess. Highly recommended, I give Harbinger #6 a solid @@@@ out of FIVE.

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