Chopping Block Review: Shadowman #1


Reviewed by Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation

Writers: Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher

Artist: Patrick Zircher

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment


In 1992, Shadowman blasted on the comic scene, and wow did he make an impact. One of the most memorable characters out of the Valiant Universe, Shadowman went on to cross media success with two highly rated video games and more. So, here we are in 2012, and Shadowman is making his return as part of the newly invigorated Valiant Entertainment. So, does the winning streak of the current Valiant titles continue, or is title better left in the dark?

This debut issue kicks off with a bang, as we see the former Shadowman battling demons in the heart if New Orleans. Thanks to Patrick Zircher’s highly detailed artwork, we see some pretty amazing fight scenes, and a wickedly cool Shadowman. Fast forward to today, and we meet Jack Bonafice, the soon to be current Shadowman and son of the original. Bonafice is grown already, never really knowing his father, except that he wasn’t there for him growing up. Zircher and Jordan craft a really solid first issue, as Jack will need to come to terms with his father and his legacy if he expects to last the next few issues.

Justin Jordan, for those that don’t know, is the writer/creator of The Strange Talents of Luther Strode, one of my favorite books of the year. Paired with Zircher, Jordan pens believable characters in a very dark and supernatural world. I reserved this book as soon as it was announced, and I am glad I did. Shadowman fires on all cylinders and doesn’t let go until the last page. Highly recommended, I give Shadowman #1 a perfect @@@@@ out of FIVE.

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