Chopping Block Review: The Victories #1


Review by Nolan P. Smith- Pastrami Nation

Writer: Michael Avon Oeming

Artist: Michael Avon Oeming

Release Date: August 15th, 2012

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics


Michael Avon Oeming is one those comic book creators that grabs your attention right from the get go. I own much of his works, from his crazy popular Powers, the bloodier than hell Bastard Samurai, and work at Marvel which includes Thor and Ares among tons more. Not only of the best artists in the business, he is also an established writer, and with The Victories, he pulls double duty as both scribe and artist. I have been eagerly awaiting this book since I received the press release for it from Dark Horse. Now, issue #1 is here, so how did it turn out?

Story: First thing I want to say is that this is a MATURE title. The language, subject matter, and the violence: if this were a film it would be rated R. Now, on to the story: The Victories are the super group of this book, but only one is present: Faustus. A conflicted hero, Faustus goes toe to toe with the savage Jackal, and toe to toe with himself in a way as well. The fight scenes are graphic, bloody and violent. I mean it, and I love it. Oeming makes a terrific start to a more mature superhero book that has many more layers than one initially sees.

Art: I love Oeming’s style: from Powers to Hammer of the Gods, I have always been a huge fan of his animated, cartoonish look, especially when it is used to bring mature themed books like Powers and The Victories to life. The world is as dark and twisted as the killers that roam the streets. Oeming once again creates a visual masterpiece, with deigns like the ones for the protagonist Faustus and the villainous Jackal being a visual treat. One day, I plan to get a sketch cover done by the man: his art is really that mind blowing.

Overall: This is THE book I have been waiting on from Dark Horse. I knew that a book with Oeming’s mind and pen behind it would pull no punches and blow me away. I was right. This miniseries is an amazing start to it, and I will definitely be along for the high-octane ride. Highly Recommended, I give The Victories #1 a perfect ***** out of 5.

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