Prime Cut Review: America's Got Powers


The world loves reality TV, so how about a reality television…comic book?

Welcome to the world of America’s Got Powers. A world where an event in San Francisco left the world with quite a few super powered beings. Fast forward to now, and the most popular television show, America’s Got Powers, puts these super powered people in competition to see who will become the next big hero. Some might say it’s a superhero hybrid of America’s Got Talent and The Hunger Games. I say it’s more like American Gladiators meets the ultra violent film, Battle Royale.

Jonathan Ross, writer of Turf, teams with comic book superstar artist Bryan Hitch of Marvel’s The Ultimates, to create a book that starts off on the right foot. The book has the violent action fans of the Ultimates will recognize, but this time it’s broadcasted for the world to see, and they love every minute of it. Without giving much away, I will say that the competition is stiff, and that like most great comics it comes with cliffhanger.

Image Comics hits a stride with this release. The book is fresh, has a great concept and some very creative guys making this a reality. Do yourself a favor and pick this up while you can: the book has already reportedly sold out of the first printing. For more information on Image Comics, visit their website:

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