Constantine Cancelled at NBC, But You Can’t Keep a Good Show Down. It is time to Save Constantine


By Nolan P. Smith

The news hit this week that I don’t think anyone wanted to hear: NBC’s Constantine was not picked up for a second season. Despite the horrid time slot the show was given, it shined brighter than most shows. The dark brooding stories of “Master of the Occult” John Constantine, played perfectly by Matt Ryan, were a reason to check out NBC to begin with.

But the dead don’t stay dead, and the Save Constantine movement is in full effect.

Twitter went up in a (hell) blaze when the news broke, but nobody would expect the response received so far. Not content to go quietly into the night, star Matt Ryan (@MattRyanReal), along with the troves of Constantine fans (#Hellblazers) showed that we want this show to be picked up. Warner Bros. has expressed they are working hard to shop the show around… Netflix? Maybe the CW? Arrow star Stephen Amell (@Amellywood) thinks so, and so does Vampire Diaries star Joseph Morgan (@JosephMorgan). Check out the Twitter verse below, and make sure to use the hash tags #SaveConstantine and #Hellblazers to show your support!

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