Cosplayer Spotlight: CraftAccess

Cosplayer Spotlight: CraftAccess

Cosplayer Spotlight3(1)By Jason R. Smith (MrandMrsSmith)

With this edition of our Cosplayer Spotlight, we look internationally to a cosplayer who is making a name by crafting some of the best armored cosplay we have seen. This spotlight, we take a look at CraftAccess!


(All photos provided by CraftAccess)

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What cosplay have you done? 

“So far I cosplayed Master Chief, H3 CQB, H2 Marines, H3 Marines, Reach Marines from Halo, Cerberus Guardian from Mass Effect, Cybermen from Doctor Who, IMC Pilot from Titanfall, and Warlock from Destiny.”

What got you in to cosplay ?

“It’s all started from helping a friend to get his armor made and it slowly became my own project. Went for my first convention and the rest is history. But, to tell the truth, what makes me really into cosplay is the build. I’m a D.I.Y. enthusiast and making armors/props has become my main hobby ever since.”

How was the process for crafting your costume ?

“Back in 2009, I used paper with a software called Pepakura and coated the paper with fiberglass to make it rigid. Very tedious work. Recent builds are with lightweight foam. I still use Pepakura as a base template for foam. Having access to a laser cutter and a 3d printer does makes things slightly easier.”

“For example my IMC Pilot from Titanfall armor was entirely laser cut with a template I made in Illustrator and some pieces are 3D printed then molded and casted. It’s by far the most complicated costume i ever build. Took me 2 months to get that done.”

IMG_2491112118536Best part of cosplaying ?

“Meeting up new people especially the same fandom as you! I’ve met very awesome people over the years since I started cosplay.”

What conventions have you attended, and what planned conventions are for the future ?

“I’ve been to a few of local conventions in Malaysia, some conventions in Japan. That’s about it. I wish I can one day go to SDCC and fanboy to the prop makers I follow. hahaha.”


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