Cosplayer Spotlight: John Wieger aka PepMaster

Cosplayer Spotlight: John Wieger aka PepMaster

Killzone Helghast Capture Trooper. Was only worn once for Dragon*Con 2012. Near the end of the convention the entire outfit was donated to the charity auction.
By Nolan P. Smith

Welcome to the first ever Cosplayer Spotlight on Pastrami Nation!

Since spreading the word on our new spotlight for cosplayers, we have received a great response! If you would like to be considered for the Cosplayer Spotlight, Email your cosplay pics to We are pleased to announce our first spotlight:

John Wieger aka PepMaster!

Location: Morrilton, Arkansas

How Long Have I Been Into Cosplay: Probably about 10 years, I originally started out wanting to get into Star Wars costuming, but went into joining the 405th and made my first Master Chief armor. I have been a pepakura artist now for about 8 years providing armor patterns to the community.

Favorite Costumes: Pretty much anything armored, but my favorites are Halo, Killzone, Iron Man, and Warhammer costumes.

Conventions I Have Attended: Dragon*Con, Arkansas Anime Festival, Glitch Con, All-Con, Megacon, A-Kon, Momocon.

Conventions I Plan To Attend: Arkansas Makerfaire and Sabakon in Las Vegas sometime in September.

Website: (Still under construction)

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