CW's Arrow Debuts October 10th + New Preview "Justice"


I am hoping this hits its mark.

Arrow, based off of DC Comic’s emerald archer Green Arrow, gets the TV series treatment this fall with hopes of filling the gap left by Smallville. Set for a premeire night of October 10th, CW released a new trailer titled “Justice”.

Now, I have zero expectations for this show, but I am hoping to be blown away by it. Green Arrow is one of my favorite comic book heroes, and I am really pulling for the show to connect to viewers the same way the book used to connect to readers. Personally, I’m talking about the Kevin Smith/Brad Meltzer runs of ol’ Ollie Queen. It was the man behind the mask that made me a fan: he was his own worst enemy. A wise cracking, egotistical ladies man who never needed a stable of villains: he screwed up his life plenty good on his own. If Arrow can deliver even a fraction of the human connection that Green Arrow should have, then I’m on board. Nevertheless, I will be watching the pilot to see how it pans out. Just wish they would give him the classic, blonde beard he’s known for…


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