Dante One-Shot Review: Redemption or Revenge

Dante One-Shot Review: Redemption or Revenge

DanteImage Comics Unleashed a One-Shot Masterpiece with Dante

By Daniel Schwartz

Where does one draw the line between justice and revenge? For the cursed hit man Dante, the distinction is a matter of life and death for him and his family.

While on his last job, legendary hit man Dante is betrayed by his employers. Accidentally killing a child while shooting his way out of an ambush, he finds himself cursed by the child’s grandmother. Cursed to wear his sins all over his body as tattoos, Dante must seek redemption for all of his wrongs in order to save his family and his soul.

Coming from the mind of acclaimed writer Matt Hawkins (The Tithe, Lady Pendragon) and Jason Ning, Dante draws you in from the first panel and doesn’t let go. Following the story of a career killer leading a double life, Hawkins and Ning make you root for their main protagonist despite his notorious past and itchy trigger finger. While Making Dante atone for all of his murdered targets, Hawkins and Ning make their killer for hire a like able and badass character.

Not to be outdone by an amazing story, Darick Robertson’s artwork provides the perfect backdrop to this stunning tale. His vision of Dante brings the character to life and makes him look like the scary, cursed killer that he is.

In my opinion, Image Comics has hit a home run with Dante. Filled with amazing artwork and a creative story, Dante is the supernatural redemption story that will leave you waiting for the next adventure.

Rating: 10 out of 10-  Great story, great art, and a tattooed, badass main character make this a must-read.