DesignerCon 2023: A Farewell to Anaheim and the Dawn of New Horizons

DesignerCon 2023: A Farewell to Anaheim and the Dawn of New Horizons

By Nolan P Smith


(Anaheim)– DesignerCon, the beloved arts, design, and collectibles extravaganza, has always held a special place in my heart. Over the years, it has introduced me to countless innovative companies and talented artists. That’s why I was excited as I embarked on my journey to the 2023 DesignerCon in Anaheim, knowing that the convention would find a new home in Las Vegas next year.

The bustling exhibition hall of DesignerCon 2023 brought several significant milestones into the spotlight, celebrating 100 years of the iconic Hollywood sign, a symbol of the city’s rich cinematic history, and 50 years of Hip Hop culture, a testament to the genre’s enduring influence on art and design. Stepping onto the show floor, I couldn’t help but admire how well-organized the event was. It’s a rare gem in the convention world to find a space where you can leisurely explore and shop without feeling crowded, and DesignerCon once again delivered that spacious experience.

However, there was an unmistakable void for an avid action figure enthusiast like myself. The convention floor featured only a handful of action figure companies, leaving me yearning for more. While it was a delight to see familiar names like Four Horsemen Studio, 52Toys, and Super7, companies I’ve admired for years, I didn’t have the chance to stumble upon any new and exciting players in the action figure industry. This absence of diversity in action figure offerings was a bit of a letdown.

Hoping for a resurgence of action figure companies, I eagerly look forward to DesignerCon’s 2024 edition in Las Vegas. As the convention sets sights on a new destination, I anticipate a fresh and exciting array of collectibles, artists, and exhibitors to discover.

In closing, DesignerCon is a must-visit event for anyone passionate about art, design, and collectibles. While the 2023 show had its share of hits and misses, the impending move to Las Vegas promises a rejuvenated experience that will once again captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike.

To stay updated on all things DesignerCon, including future events, exclusive releases, and more, visit their official website at The countdown to the next chapter in DesignerCon’s history has already begun, and it’s a journey I eagerly anticipate.

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