DMC Devil May Cry Demo is Out!


Ready for a reboot?

This week marked the release of the demo for DMC, the new Devil May Cry reboot. Many fans cried afoul when they saw the radical changes to Dante and the world he is in. Now, the demo is here… so how is it?

It’s awesome Devil May Cry action! I’m not the biggest fan of the redesign of Dante, but I can live with it. The demo showcases some amazing cut scenes, as well as the scenes to really cut loose as the demon hunter. The game plays like a Devil May Cry game, with swords, guns and scythes busting at the seams, all at a breakneck speed. We even see how Capcom and Ninja Theory incorporated the trademark white hair for Dante.

All in all, I am extremely impressed with the demo, and I will be on board for next year’s relaunch of the storied franchise. Check out the demo now on X-Box Live and PlayStation Network.

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