Doctor Who- The Tenth Doctor #3.3 Review: The Red Menace

Doctor Who- The Tenth Doctor #3.3 Review: The Red Menace

STL032199The Red Tardis Continues to Wreck Havoc for the Tenth Doctor

By Daniel Schwartz

Hot on the heels of the exciting cliffhanger from the previous issue, David Tennent’s Tenth Doctor takes readers on an unexpected trip to ancient China in this Titan Comic’s series.

Following the evil red TARDIS’ abduction of his companion Cindy, The Doctor and his remaining companions jump into the timestream in pursuit. When they finally (crash) land, they are shocked to see that they have come to ancient China.

As they begin to search for Cindy, the team discovers that a not-so-great wall has been erected in the a village. Looking more like modern day dam, this wall appears to protect the red TARDIS and its owners with seemingly mystical creatures. Once through the gauntlet, Gabby finds Cindy and makes a terrifying discovery!

In their follow-up to the exciting “Breakfast at Tyrannies” arc, Nick Abadzis and Giorgia Sposito take readers thousands of years back to a fearful Chinese village that looks to The Doctor for help.

Nick Abadzis does a great job changing gears from a modern city to an ancient landscape. He also introduces the terrifying idea of an evil red TARDIS. Imagine the damage to time and space that these villains could do with their very own time machine. Abadzis ups the stakes for The Doctor and his team as they not only have to stop the alien threat and save Cindy, but they also must deal with an alternate TARDIS as well.

Giorgia Sposito’s artwork continues to be spot on. The Tenth Doctor looks great and the red TARDIS looks visually frightening.

I have been a fan of this series from the first issue of “Breakfast at Tyrannies”. Titan comics chose the perfect team to flesh out these new adventures of many Whovian’s favorite Doctor. The series has been been fun and exciting from the very beginning with shocking revelations in every issue. Hopefully, both Giorgia and Nick stick around and continue to tell the untold tales of the Tenth Doctor.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Another fast-paced and fun adventure through time and Space.