Doctor Who and Wall-E to Become Official LEGOS


By Nolan P. Smith

The LEGO Group has made it official: everyone’s favorite time lord is becoming a LEGO!

As a part of LEGO Ideas, a website where fans submit their ideas with hopes of being voted on and becoming official LEGO products, both Pixar’s Wall-E and Doctor Who will become LEGO sets in 2015. Check out the announcement of these two products below:


The Doctor Who and Companions LEGO set shown above is NOT the final product, but rather the idea submitted by LEGO fan Andrew Clark. Look for more info on these two sets as the years rolls along.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who and Wall-E to Become Official LEGOS

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      That is overdue! Looking forward to the Goonies and Doctor Who sets, especially. I love Legos. I watched a documentary about how they pulled themselves back from the brink – they were losing something like a $1million a day. Not anymore. And their growth trend will only continue if they keep putting things like this out!

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      Agreed, long overdue! Legos are a staple in pop culture, just saw the Ghostbusters set at Toys r Us, looked amazing!

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